Twitter hid Trump’s tweet that mocked CNN, citing copyright, after the social media platform marked it ‘manipulated media’

Twitter hid Trump’s tweet that mocked CNN, citing copyright, after the social media platform marked it ‘manipulated media’
  • On Friday, Twitter hid a doctored video Donald Trump posted on the social media platform. The video was doctored CNN footage that suggested bigotry is a fabricated problem meant to trigger public outrage.
  • Go to Company Expert’s homepage for more storiesTwitter obstructed audiences from seeing a video President Donald Trump shared on the social networks platform Thursday night.

    The social networks network very first identified the post as “controlled media” on Thursday. It then moved to completely conceal it from Twitter users on Friday, stating it was “eliminated in action to a report from the copyright holder.”

    Trump tweeted a video on Thursday, June 18 that was first marked as “manipulated media” and then “removed in action to a report from the copyright holder.”.


    The video seems a clip from CNN but is in fact an edited variation of a viral video from last year that reveals two little kids, one Black one white, hugging and playing, Insider formerly reported

    The video buffoons CNN as “phony news” and also states “America is not the issue,” to suggest bigotry is a made problem created to just cause public outcries.

    Twitter’s policy says users “may not deceptively promote synthetic or manipulated media that are likely to trigger harm,” and it will flag such posts to help other users “comprehend their authenticity and to supply additional context.”

    After the video was flagged as “manipulated media,” a CNN spokesperson informed Insider the media outlet does not condone Trump’s tweet.

    ” CNN did cover this story– precisely as it occurred. Simply as we reported your positions on race (and poll numbers),” CNN composed in an email to Expert. “We’ll continue working with facts instead of tweeting phony videos that exploit innocent children. We welcome you to do the exact same. Be much better.”

    Jukin Media, a media company that had a partnership with the person who owns the video that was doctored, told Expert it didn’t give Trump authorization to utilize the video.

    ” Neither the video owner nor Jukin Media offered the President approval to post the video, and after our review, we think that his unauthorized use of the content is a clear example of copyright infringement without valid fair use or other defense,” a Jukin representative wrote in an e-mail to Expert. Independently, in no method do we support or condone the controlled video or the message it communicates. We hope and anticipate Twitter will take speedy action to get rid of the video.


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