The Community Spotlight 2020.06.27

The Community Spotlight 2020.06.27

Hi and welcome to the current edition of the Giant Bomb Neighborhood Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am honored to be your host as we recall at the best neighborhood offerings from the previous week. Goodness, this was certainly a week. I will prevent repeating what has actually currently been stated by the staff. Nevertheless, please be aware that the personnel and moderation group endeavor to listen, reflect, and get better as a result of what has come to light. You have our most sincere promise to continue to make this website a safe place worth coming back to years upon end. With that in mind, let’s delve into the site-related house cleaning.

Tweets Of The Week

Author’s Note: So … it appears Jeff saying “BIGGER” has become a meme, and the majority of individuals creating videos like the last two you will discover have no idea Giant Bomb is even the source. Do not you like the web?

Did you see what Sheikh Zanzibar did? That man is fucking crazy!
– Jeff Gerstmann, 2016

— Huge Bomb Out of Context (@giantbomb_ooc) June 22, 2020

Galleria Of Art

Sad Jeff(By: @DigitalLogjam)

Over on Twitter, Digital Logjam chose to whip up a work of photoshop genius. However, I will offer special commendations to anybody who can @me with the origin of this reference.

No Caption Provided

Clips Of The Week

Public Enemy vs. Deftones (accomplishment. Alex Navarro)(By: @MinnMaxShow)

Some of you may remember Alex mentionining he was on a music podcast recently, and here’s a link and clip to get you interested in case you were not able to discover the podcast!

Community Activities

New Giant Bomb Neighborhood Minecraft Server(By: @nickydubz)

It appears like the new Giant Bomb Minecraft Community Server got some much needed attention this week from the personnel! Check out all about how you can sign up with the fun using the link above and do not forget to get the word out!


Chess can be
Chess can be “fun?” Who might have thunk it?!

Chess Is BACK BAYBEE! – Let’s Speak about PogChamps & Chess’ Explosion On Twitch(By: @zombiepie)

Moderator ZombiePie requires to Huge Bomb to discuss why PogChamps is “the best thing to occur to chess in years” and why more individuals ought to be playing and taking in competitive chess.

What’s the Greatest Video Game: Super Dodgeball(By: @imunbeatable80)

imunbeatable80 shares on their most current blog why Super Dodgeball is a video game with a great deal of style, but is doing not have on a lot of functions you desire out of an “alternate sports” video game title.

The Quest To Find an Online First Person Shooter(By: @gundato)

Gundato is not a big fan of online shooters, however shares their attempts to delve into a range of online FPS video games just recently on their most current blog site! Utilize the link below to see which online neighborhood proved to be the most welcoming.

Someone wrote a blog about the modern state of Squad, and I'm not telling! (It was gundato)
Someone wrote a blog site about the contemporary state of Squad, and I’m not informing! (It was gundato)

IGotW Unique: Indie Bundle of the Century: Part 1

Indie Video Game of the Week 176: Tangrams Deluxe(By: @mento)

Moderator Mento is starting a new series where they look at the video games from’s current Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality! Offer it a read and see if they have any early suggestions! Next, their “Indie Game of the Week” series continues with a take a look at Tangrams Deluxe! Check out their blog to see why they wished to delight in the puzzler more than they did.

Huntdown Appears Like An Extremely Jeff Throwback Sidescroller(By: @humanity)

Giant Bomb Mankind shares why Huntdown from Easy Trigger Games ended up being a sentimental trip they really took pleasure in.

From the sounds of it, riding a motorcycle in Days Gone sure sounds like a bummer!
From the sounds of it, riding a motorbike in Days Gone sure seem like a disappointment!

Lies and Forgiveness, A Character Study of The Last of United States Part II[SPOILERS](By: @crunchyflies)

crunchyflies blogged about The Last of Us Part II and why they appreciated the game as a character research study on lying and forgiveness.

The Other Ludonarrative Harshness Concern Of The Last Of Us Part II (Therefore Numerous Other Games)

Is Days Gone The Jankiest First Celebration PS4 Video Game? And Why Do The Bikes Draw So Much?(By: @bigsocrates)

bigsocrates utilizes their most current blog site to go over why they believe the mechanical trappings and trademarks of The Last of Us Part II position a substantial ludonarrative harshness problem. Bigsocrates played Days Gone, and humorous marvels if it is the “jankiest” PS4 unique made therefore far.

Not E3 2020: The PS5 Reveal And The State Of The Series X(By: @gamer_152)

If you want to talk about the next-gen consoles, check out Gamer_152's blog!
If you want to speak about the next-gen consoles, take a look at Player _152’s blog site!

Moderator Gamer _152 didn’t let the cancellation of E3 stop them from talking about the state of video game consoles and expose occasions that revealed of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Steam Game Festival Demos 2020(By: @superjoe)

SuperJoe took a look at the 2020 Steam Video game Festival demo scene on their most current blog site on Giant Bomb! Read all about the games that impressed them the most and which games they recommend you to prevent.

Discussions & Threads

Is every part of The Last of Us Part II a good time? Join the discussion!
Is every part of The Last of Us Part II a great time? Sign up with the conversation!

Spoiler Conversation For Those That Have Completed The Last of United States Part II(By: @jasonr86)

If you wish to go over The Last of Us Part II spoilers, consisting of the ending, do not hesitate to comment in the thread listed below. Know, this main spoiler discussion thread is the only location where unmarked spoilers about the game should be posted!

What System Do You Plan On Playing Cyberpunk 2077 On? (By: @ntm)

Numerous neighborhood members are still delighted for Cyberpunk 2077, however what system do you plan on playing Cyberpunk 2077 on first? Choose your platform of option and share why.

Are you still excited for Cyberpunk 2077 after its ho-hum press conference?
Are you still delighted for Cyberpunk 2077 after its ho-hum interview?

My Quarantine Will Be Much Better Served If I Can See Vinny Kill A New 64 Bit Dracula(By: @baltaronsteam)

Hey, Giant Bomb Neighborhood, are you there? Why exists a thread asking Vinny to play Castlevania 64?

Do not injure Vinny like that

Do You Ever Take A Look At The Screenshots The PS4 Takes When You Make A Trophy?(By: @bigsocrates)

Here’s a “FUN” discussion thread on the site for anybody with a PS4: do you ever look at the screenshots the PS4 takes when you earn a trophy? Seriously, do you actually use or look at those screenshots at all?

What Game( s) Rekindled Your Love Of PC Video Gaming?(By: @onigiristudio)

In the age of Steam and lots of other digital marketplaces, what was the video game that rekindled or began your love for PC gaming? Share which video game or market persuaded you to invest in PC video gaming.

These sure are some
These sure are some “choices.” Vote to see where your other community members stand!

Are AAA Games Starting To Get Too Long?(By: @bigsocrates)

Here’s a discussion the has the community divided: are AAA games starting to get too long? Share and discuss your stance utilizing the link and here are the poll choices to choose!

Mixer Is Closing Down On July 22 And Will Reroute To Facebook Gaming(By: @nateandrews)

A lot of Giant Bomb neighborhood members are still in shock at the recently announced shutdown of Mixer. Sign up with the conversation about the announcement and share how you feel utilizing the link above!

Baldur’s Gate 3 – D&D Live 2020 Demo Gameplay Conversation Thread(By: @mrmazz)

I think I speak for everyone in saying Larian's take on Baldur's Gate III looks interesting, but I do not know if they will pull it off.
I think I promote everyone in saying Larian’s take on Baldur’s Gate III looks fascinating, however I do not know if they will pull it off.

There was a demonstration for Baldur’s Gate 3 during D&D Live 2020! Provide it a watch and sign up with the community conversation thread about the excellent and bad of the instructions Larian Studios is taking with the video game!

Do Individuals Truly Think The Last of United States Part II Is Too Violent?(By: @drbroel)

Here’s a link to the community conversation about the level of violence portrayed in The Last of Us Part II. Did the violence make you feel uneasy? Share your ideas regardless of what they may be.


You have my ax Moosey.
You have my ax Moosey.

Ranking of Goros(By: @mooseymcman)

If you are in need of a great laugh, then check out MooseyMcMan’s list on Giant Bomb ranking the very best computer game characters whose first name is “Goro!”

Resident Evil Series I have actually Completed(By: @hellscream)

Hellscream reviews and ranks all of the Local Evil video games they have played. See which video games topped their list, and consider making a list of your own!

Our First GOTY of the Year 2020(By: @lcom)

LCom approached their 2020 GOTY list a little differently than many: they had their list be a joint-agreement with their partner. Offer it a read and check out the 3 hour deliberation they tape-recorded


  • Is Childrean of Morta a rogue-lite for skeptics? Read RioStarwind's review to find out!
    Is Childrean of Morta a rogue-lite for doubters? Read RioStarwind’s review to find out!

    @willin shares in their evaluation of The Last of Us Part II to detail why they discovered the video game to be physically and emotionally tiring in a way that they did not take pleasure in even the smallest.

  • @riostarwind information why they think Kid Of Morta is among those rogue-lite games that puts all the different pieces together in a fun way.




As seen in the Tweets area, this is the 6,969 th page @marino has actually produced on the website and I believe we can all concur that it is … NICE!

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