Oge Egbuonu’s New Film ‘(In)visible Portraits’ Is a Love Letter to Black Women

Oge Egbuonu’s New Film ‘(In)visible Portraits’ Is a Love Letter to Black Women

Producer-turned-director Oge Egbuonu is reclaiming the story of Black females in her brand-new documentary “( In) noticeable Pictures.” The film, which she describes as, “a love letter to Black ladies,” includes Black female scholars and authors sharing stories of struggle and event throughout American history.

” Telling the stories of daily females was the most crucial thing for me; offering people who we perceive to be everyday females a platform to tell their stores in the hope that they inspire others to do the same,” Egbuonu informed WrapWomen.

Throughout a current interview, Egbuonu opened about her 3-year experience making the prompt and needed movie, which was launched on Juneteenth (June 19), a vacation that commemorates the 1865 emancipation of servants.

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Tell us about your journey in making “( In) noticeable Pictures.” What did you find out at the same time?

(In)visible Portraits

( Image Credit: Domino Powell)

My idea was to produce something to commemorate Black women, as they are women prior to they are moms. That led to me doing research study for seven or 8 months, six days a week, 14- hour days, checking out everything I might about Black ladies, written by Black women.

For you, what was the most important part about making “( In) visible Pictures?”

I believe it’s actually important that we reclaim the story of who we are, specifically as Black females, and to cultivate a space that allows numerous different Black females and ladies to inform their story. That was done very intentionally and was a powerful aspect of this whole process.

What was your choice process in choosing the women to interview?

I likewise went out to various nonprofits in L.A. which served Black communities– particularly Black ladies– and I pitched my idea. After sharing my vision with Sheila, she offered me her blessing however cautioned me that I would require to develop connection with these females if I want them to open up to me.

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Do you have a favorite minute or quote from the movie?

(In)visible Portraits

( Photo Credit: Domino Powell)

Oh, that is so tough; there is no one preferred minute or quote.

What message do you hope “( In) visible Pictures” sends to Hollywood and to the world?

This is twofold– first the message is that Black females have worth and Black ladies matter. At the end of the day, I hope that this movie lets Black women know that they are seen, heard and valued.

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What suggestions do you have for females aiming to get into the industry?

(In)visible Portraits

( Photo Credit: Domino Powell)

Just do it! I came across people telling me, “the method you desire to disperse the movie is so non-traditional; if you do it this method it eliminates you from the Oscars, etc.” And I was like, “I do not care!

What can non-Black allies do to assist defend racial justice in America?

The primary step is self-reflection. I believe that individuals require to sit with the way that they are showing up in society and really examine that. That leads one to question how do you show up for not only themselves however for marginalized communities. I believe that, in a manner, this pandemic has set the stage for individuals to actually believe seriously about these things, which has actually produced the phase for this uprising and transformation to occur. I can’t tell you what to do next, due to the fact that what I need may look totally various than what the next Black person needs. I think that will come to you when you discover more about what awareness looks like for you and individuals in your life and neighborhood are going through.

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