Jaguar Wright Comes For Mary J. Blige, Claims She Is A Closet Lesbian!

Jaguar Wright was most notably known for apologizing to Tiffany Haddish after accusing her boyfriend Common of sexual assault. Before the dust could even settle from this story, Jaguar took to her social media account to air out another well known name in the industry. This time however, her sights were set on the R&B star Mary J. Blige. Ms. Wright is accusing Mary of being a “fraud”, claims that she faked her marriage to Martin Issacs, and even going as far as accusing Mary of being a closet lesbian.

“freedom of speech is what this country is built on! Speak your mind! Just know that [tape] my friend has of @therealmaryjblige eating her out is real!” she wrote in reply to a user’s comment. “That b***h is a whole fraud! And her whole marriage to @kendu_isaacs was arranged! Maybe @therealmaryjblige girlfriend liked her husband better?! Who knows! I told y’all … I got tapes on everyone!”

Accusations werent the only thing on Jaguar’s mind, as she took to her social media to issue a challenge to Mary. Through several Instagram posts we see Jaguar expressing her willingness to battle the R&B star. “Accept the challenge! Who knows .. might be a good singing day for you! Let’s see who the queen really is! Unplugged.. you had no idea what I am! But now that you know … you can better prepare! We both know you won’t willingly Accept this challenge. But, your handlers might insist for you to do this! You know you still got to pay @kendu_isaacs .. Come to my skool! I’ll teach you! #jagvsmary.”

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