Diddy Confirms He’s Dating Yung Miami, Opens Up About Relationship

Diddy Confirms He’s Dating Yung Miami, Opens Up About Relationship

Yung Miami

Diddy is ready for the smoke.

The hip-hop magnate sat down with Yung Miami for a “genuine raw and uncut” interview as part of her brand-new REVOLT series “Caresha Please.” The City Lady put her man in the spot while questioning him about their much-talked-about relationship.

” What’s your relationship status?” Miami asked off the bat.

” I’m single, however I’m dating, taking my time with life,” stated the 52- year-old icon before she asked him to define their status.

” We date. We go to exotic areas, we have terrific times,” he stated.

Caresha then asked her male what it is that he likes about her. “‘Cause you authentic. You resemble among the realest people I ever fulfilled,” he stated. “You’re authentically yourself and you’re a terrific mother and a terrific friend. You the funnest.”

Later on, she explained the distinction between Yung Miami (” I’m outdoors, I’m acting bad”) and Caresha (” Old lady, in your home, kids, watching Life time”).

Diddy states he fell for Caresha.

For their very first date, which happened after the BET Awards in June 2021, he prepared to take her surfing, but she didn’t show. “I resembled I can’t go surfing with my wig,” she laughed.

Instead, he took her on vacation to Love Island. “Love Island was lit. I wan na go back,” she said.

When asked if he considers himself “poisonous,” he stated, “I would state that it gets toxic.

Miami likewise asked him if he is a cheater (” I used to be a cheater”) and what label he would place on their relationship. “We fit now?” he asked Caresha, who responded, “Real bad.”

Plus, he addressed the drama in between Miami and his ex Gina Huynh. “It was messy. Simply among those days. Had to polish things up. Needed to press the reset button and keep it moving,” said Puff. “I’m not tryna get untidy. I’m simply tryna live my life and have a good time and avoid the way, do whatever the f k I wan na do.”

In addition to their love life, Diddy opened about his latest company endeavor, Love Records. He has actually signed Jozzy as the very first artist and plans to launch his new R&B album on the label.

” Don’t you miss out on R&B?” he asked. “R&B hasn’t been around … It got like canceled or something. It simply left the radio and individuals stopped purchasing it and treating it like the part of African American culture that it is, so I’m just doing what I love to do and R&B, that’s my first love.”

The album might include a collaboration with City Girls called “Act Bad.” “It’s an act bad summer season,” stated Miami, while Diddy included, “Performing bad is just having fun.”

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