Baltimore Explosion Results In 7 Injured, 2 Confirmed Dead

Tragedy struck Baltimore shortly after 10 A.M. when a gas explosion disturbed a quiet community. The explosion ripped through 3 homes leaving in its wake 7 injured and 2 reported dead, according to Baltimore City Fire Department.

It is still not known what could have been the cause of the explosion, but investigators are tirelessly working to figure it out. Our prayers go out to the families in Baltimore that have been affected by this explosion. Times are not all bad however, we see an outpouring of support in the community as well. Citizens have banded together and donated clothes, shoes, and other essential items to the families affected.

Baltimore Mayor Bernard Young told the briefing that the devastation was so extensive he didn’t know how to describe it. “I’m just asking the community at large, the city, to come together in prayer,” he said.

Firefighters believe everyone has been accounted for, fire department spokeswoman Blair Adams said. “We haven’t had any reports of anyone still missing,” she said.

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    seems like could have been a water heater, remember when Mark Curry’s house blew up with him in it!! looked just like that!
    On April 17, 2006, an aerosol can that had fallen behind a water heater exploded, and Curry, who was doing laundry at the time, was burned on over 20% of his body, including his arm, back and side. He spent many months recuperating at his home.

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