65 marathons, 1 treadmill, 0 days off: How a Navy fitness trainer took on a world record during lockdown in Italy

65 marathons, 1 treadmill, 0 days off: How a Navy fitness trainer took on a world record during lockdown in Italy
Naples Italy coronavirus covid-19 lockdownAn empty Corso Umberto street on the 6th day of a lockdown across of all Italy imposed to slow the outbreak of coronavirus in Naples, March 15,2020
REUTERS/Ciro de Luca.
  • When Italy went into lockdown in early March to slow the spread of the coronavirus, residents across the nation were stuck at house.
  • Being cooped up at home may appear like a hindrance for somebody who likes long-distance running, but Alyssa Clark, an ultra marathoner and Navy partner, didn’t let it slow her down.Even before Italy locked down in response to the coronavirus, Alyssa Clark could inform something more extreme was coming.

    ” It was probably mid-February where we started having [authorities say] if you’ve taken a trip in this area, you require to ensure that you are reporting where you’ve been … and if you have any fevers or coughs, reporting it,” said Alyssa, who until just recently resided in Quadrelle, a town near the headquarters of US Naval Forces Europe-Naval Forces Africa in Naples, with her partner, Navy Lt. Codi Clark.

    ” We began to have a premonition that it was going to get a lot worse, and then Northern Italy was actually slammed, and they began enforcing pretty severe limitations on March 9,” which was the “last day of freedom,” Alyssa stated in a Might 22 interview.

    Across Italy, authorities clamped down. As the country’s hospitals strained with patients, politicians confronted residents who disobeyed the stay-at-home orders.

    ” We could not stroll, run, or travel in a vehicle other than to go to and from work or to and from the supermarket, and we had to bring documents with us,” Alyssa stated. “We might be come by cops at any time and be fined if we were stagnating within those constraints.”

    Alyssa Clark operating on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.
    Courtesy picture.

    A Morale, Welfare and Recreation fitness expert with Naval Support Activity Naples, Alyssa was the only one in her building at the military complex’s Capodichino area.

    Isolation might have been crucial for public health, but for Alyssa, an ultra-marathoner who’s run whatever from 32- milers to multi-day phase races of more than 150 miles, simply sitting at house wasn’t appealing.

    ” I am a competitive ultra runner, and I always have actually a really set racing schedule.

    ‘ Oh, this is a possibility’

    The initial plan was to run a marathon every day up until individuals could run outdoors again.

    For females, that record is 60 days straight.

    Insider spoke to Alyssa just hours after she completed her 53 rd marathon, another four- to five-hour hour trip on a small treadmill.

    ” We have an upstairs room that we don’t use really typically, so it simply has a sofa and a TV that does not truly work,” Alyssa said. An open door allow sunshine and a Velcro sticker kept her iPad fastened to the treadmill so she might enjoy “quickly absorbable” programs like “Love is Blind” and “Too Hot to Handle.”

    ” Luckily I had an Air Conditioning fan on me, and after that I have my nutrition established beside me and a water bottle,” Alyssa stated. “Pretty fundamental, however it works.”

    Remaining energized was an obstacle, particularly for Clark, who has actually a compromised immune system. “I have ulcerative colitis,” Alyssa stated. “I really had my colon removed when I was14 That’s an entire other story.”

    Now gluten-free, Clark eats rice cakes with peanut butter and bananas before running and has gluten-free waffles while on the treadmill.

    ” I often eat snickers bars– it’s an excellent source of energy and sugar,” Alyssa said. “Ultra-marathoners enjoy drinking Coca-Cola, so often that will be a good pick-me-up.”

    So is sugar-free Red Bull. “I really did about one of those every marathon for a long time,” she added.

    Alyssa Clark on a run before lockdown.
    Courtesy image.

    Running marathons is taxing– running them on a treadmill a lot more so.

    Alyssa is very specific about her shoes, using ones she trusts and that use a lot of cushion. “I’ll turn 2 pairs, and I’ll probably include another pair by the end, and I was utilizing a number of pairs to begin. I most likely used three to four sets of shoes.”

    Mentally, the technique to running long ranges is not to believe about the long distances, Alyssa stated.

    ” I’m never ever sitting there thinking about the whole 26 miles when I start.

    ” I likewise have a lot of external inspiration from individuals reaching out to me saying that they’re going on runs, that they haven’t been on a run forever and I have actually been motivating them to get out, and also other individuals stating, you’re motivating me to get much healthier to keep going throughout this lockdown that’s actually difficult, and so that truly has actually assisted me keep going when things get difficult,” Alyssa included.

    Marathon 61 and beyond

    Days after speaking, Codi and Alyssa left Italy for the US and their next responsibility station, but Alyssa kept after the record, setting a goal of finishing a marathon every day prior to midnight Italian time.

    ” We will be flying out on Tuesday [May 26] to go to Germany. I will do one Tuesday morning prior to we leave, and then in Germany before we leave the next day I will do another one on the Air Force base, and then we’ll fly to Virginia,” Alyssa said.

    ” The next day I will run one in Virginia, and after that we will drive to Charleston and I will run a couple of in Charleston and then eventually we’ll get to Florida,” Alyssa added, praising her husband for assisting make sure she could continue the runs during the move.

    ” The difficult part with this is it’s not a 20- hour event or a 12- hour-a-day event. It’s only a 4- to five-hour a day event,” Codi stated in the May 22 interview. “So my task throughout this time has actually been to force her to try to remain in bed and put her feet up and do that sort of focus on recovery.”

    Marathon 63 came on Monday evening, after 5 days of travel, with the couple having lastly reached their brand-new task station in Panama City Beach, Florida.

    Alyssa’s most recent marathons went the very same way her first did: action after step, minute after minute.

    ” None of these take place by attempting to jump into running 10 miles right away.

    However passion is essential, and no one must feel forced to take up long-distance running, she said.

    ” Find something you delight in, since that’s method more vital than requiring yourself to do something you do not like. I enjoy running. I get to do 4 hours of what I enjoy every day, and that is incredible.”

    Something is packing.

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