Jada don’ went and got Olivia Pope, Chile!

Hey y’all, heyyy!

So, I wanted to chime in on this Jada Pinkett Smith issue real quick. Ever since news broke that she’s “supposedly” getting ready to take herself to task on her show–The Red Table Talk–everybody’s been on standby, (stocked up with their favorite popcorn and all) waiting, to see not just what she says… but WHO’S gonna be there with her ass?

Well, I believe that Jada and her people got on the phone and begged Olivia Pope for help. You know, since Scandal been cancelled and all. Olivia had nothing but free time! And how fitting. Because this here is scandal. I’m guessing when Jada’s folk got Olivia on the phone, the conversation went a little something like, “Now, Jada… you’re going to have to say something. The internet’s abuzz with this illicit affair that you had with a man young enough to be your son. And well… it’s time for damage control. We can spin it, but you need to tell us the truth first. In the meantime, we need you to release a short statement. Nothing too long. Don’t admit guilt. Just be succinct, and leave it there. We got the rest.” Below is the short and sweet, in the form of a Tweet…

So, let’s get into it real quick with a word from my lil’ avatar.

I, for one, don’t believe that Jada’s bringing that thang called accountability with her. I 100% feel like this Tupac-obsessed woman, is going to come to that table, sit her little ass down, and place blame on everybody ELSE. She’s going to talk about the state of young black men and mental health. She’s going to talk about failed family structures, and how she tried to be a “village” for this young man and it backfired. She’ll even mention how she and WILL ain’t perfect, but that one thing they’d never do is risk their family. Basically, she’s going to come with the kitchen, the mop, the damn lampshades. What she WILL not be doing is admitting to a damn thing! Peep the word play… “There’s some healing that needs to happen…” She didn’t say that I… EYE… have some healing that needs to happen. Just peep the play on words. After the way this lady has been condescending to everybody that came and sat around that table, who in their right mind would expect her to state the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Certainly, not I.

So, I think that people getting their hopes UP… should probably sit DOWN. It ain’t about to happen. I can promise you that. This whole thing is circa 2019 and Wendy Williams. Remember how we all waited for this lady to come and keep it real with how she’s been a willing side chick in her own marriage? She too, was one of those talking down on her audience members about how dumb they were to (1) stay with a man who cheated on them. And (2) Tuh! How she would never after having done it already. And (3) talking about how much she despised side chicks? Yeah, okay. You despised them so much that you allowed one… to make YOU one! Girl! M’kay. But yeah, when Wendy finally talked about it, her version had been rehearsed and she claimed to have found out about “the baby” when we all did. Another play on words. Peep that Wendy never really said that she found out about ole girl when we did… just the baby.

It’s Jada, all over again. So all I’m saying is that we shouldn’t expect too much from Miss vaginal rejuvenation with the yoni of a 16-year-old. I’m tryin’ to see August before August, and WILL too.

Peace y’all! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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