How Hollywood Racism Inspired Sarah Jones to Launch a Series About Being Black in America

How Hollywood Racism Inspired Sarah Jones to Launch a Series About Being Black in America

Sarah Jones

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Leave it to Hollywood producer and actor Sarah Jones to combine improv, funny and existing occasions. Known for her one-woman multi-character performance, the Tony award-winning writer and performer is bringing her preferred characters to life to discuss what it indicates to be Black in America on her new Instagram Live series “#YesImSarahJones.” New episodes of the program are released every Wednesday on Sarah’s Instagram @yesimsarahjones

” I hope Hollywood wakes up to the reality that it has been an engine of white supremacist ideology because D.W. Griffith,” Jones informed WrapWomen, describing the early-20 th-century director of movies like “Birth of a Country.” “If the market actually wants to show it thinks that Black Lives Matter, studios are going to need to reckon with the voices they’ve been marginalizing, consisting of all of mine.”

During a recent interview with WrapWomen, Jones– who has carried out a number of times for Barack and Michelle Obama– opened up about her inspiration behind the new series, the emotional journey of recording it and what it’s like integrating existing occasions and funny.

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For starters, I’m new to using Instagram as a platform, so there are substantial advantages, like reaching 200,000 individuals in one swoop, whereas on Broadway I might only reach 600 individuals on a sold-out night. I also get to improv, focus on comedy and share about present occasions in genuine time.

Can you describe some of the characters on your program?
If individuals have seen my TED talks or my live programs, like “Sell/Buy/Date,” they’ll recognize the characters in #yesimsarahjones reveal. Every week, you get to hear what’s happening for them, rather than a set script. They range from an elderly Jewish bubbe to a feminist university student with singing fry, to a Black male ex-rapper– and much more.

What has the shooting procedure for “#yesimsarahjones” been like for you personally?

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What have you gained from this project and what has been the total feedback? Have you gotten any messages that actually protruded?
Doing my own show individually sets me devoid of TELEVISION executives or agents informing me what I can or can’t state, how I need to be “packaged,” and so on. I get to stop seeming like an item out for Amazon delivery and begin seeming like an artist again. When it comes to feedback, it’s been phenomenal– there’s something so pleasing about the assistance not only from the audience but likewise fellow independent-minded artists, from Gabrielle Union to Busy Philipps to Billy Eichner.

You come from a mixed-race family. How are you utilizing this program as a chance to connect with both sides?
It holds true that my background– maturing with a mother with white privilege in a multicultural family and neighborhood– has actually constantly given me more of a sense of compassion for a variety of people. That stated, I’m holding white folks, whether fans, pals, or family members, to a higher standard than I ever have in terms of anti-racism and asking to do their work– and I believe it’s long overdue.

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What can white people and non-Black individuals of color do to support the Black community and help enhance Black voices?
First of all, do not give up, even if change doesn’t seem to be happening quick enough.


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