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07/09/2020 7:19 pm  

Hey Mob fam. If y'all are looking for some home workout videos that you can do without going to the gym They requires little to no equipment I have a few uploaded to my YouTube channel.

check me out. Leave me a little feedback whether it's advice or motivation to keep going... ask me questions and I will help you however I can.

Just a little about me:

I'm from a "city" called Shreveport, Louisiana so I am a little country at times. I don't really like typing on my phone so I normally use the microphone so my punctuation is off at times. I I'm a United States Army veteran I did 8 years in the Army as a combat engineer. I love working out and I love living on the healthier side. I still eat junk food and s*** but not near like I used to. The whole point is to continuously do better I feel. I love to learn so much that I have been to school for business administration HVAC electronic technology collision repair at this point all have nothing to do with anything that I want to do in life... I just like to learn. Enough about me back to fitness 💣💣💣💪🏾 sometimes we just need a little extra motivation so like I said, if y'all want/need any fitness and health advice hit me up and check out the videos and I got you.

I appreciate any feedback.


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