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05/07/2020 1:47 am  

Hi Mob,

My name is Michelle from St. Louis and I own two businesses. Please check me out when you have time. Reply to this thread your email address and I’ll send you a special discount coupon exclusively for Mob members. 

1. http://www.abstractdrip.com

      Facebook: @abstract_DRIP

      IG: abstractdrip_ceo

      Twitter: @DripAbstrsct

Online retail fashion accessories. Includes, jewelry, handbags, shades and more. I call myself the Black Claire’s except my Merch doesn’t break after your 2nd wear. Very good quality and 100% Vegan! 

2. Abstract Consulting, LLC

     Facebook: @abstractconsultingllc 

We are advertising company that specializes in all digital media including websites, video editing, and graphic design. We do also make flyers, brochures, etc for print. 

Thank you for your time! 


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