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Young Buck Taking Shots  


Flavadoza jane
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07/08/2020 2:44 pm  

   Young Buck has been on a slippery slope. He was having a issue with his personal life and got blasted by a transsexual. 

   50 cent went on a troll ride over Young Bucks mishaps. But 50 failed to mention he wasnt paying Young Buck money for the work he put in with G-UNIT.

   Young Buck took to social media to ask the world to donate to his cash app because 50 cent refused to pay money owed to him.

   Turns out Young Buck scrapped up enough change to pay for studio time & go to the Liquor store & buy a bottle. This snippet here shows Buck taking shots at 50 cent.

   Do you think Buck will crawl back out of the whole he dug himself in? Will 50 troll Bucks life again? Take a look at this IG Clip.



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